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Our Range of Debt Collection Services

Face to Face Debt Collection

Collectas have an industry wide reputation for face to face debt collection which has the ability to collect debts in full where other debt collection agencies or methods have failed. Our agents are fully uniformed, professional and persistent.

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Debt Collection

Our standard debt collection service is perfect for any business that is owed money. Our tried and tested process of debt collection letters combined with calls will make your debtor pay the balance owed in the quickest possible time.

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Outsourced Credit Control

Many business owners find that they struggle to find the time to chase their invoices. Collectas offer an outsourced credit control service which takes the hassle out of getting paid or having to employ a full time credit controller to do your credit control.

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Debtor Tracing

What is more frustrating than having a debt owed to you? the answer is having a debt owed to you and having no way of contacting the debtor. Collectas offer a comprehensive debtor tracing service to find your debtor and be able to get some funds recovered.

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Welcome to Collectas, the home of face to face debt collection

Welcome to Collectas, founded in 2017 we are industry renowned for face to face debt collection. Our reputation has been built on face to face debt collection and collecting debts that others can’t. When looking for a Collection agency UK, Collectas have become the only sensible choice

Collectas are based at our Leeds HQ but we are a nationwide debt collection agency working for clients UK wide. We believe that by providing a great face to face debt collection service that we can build strong relationships with our clients.  Our team use the best debt collection systems, this system also connects to our face to face debt collections agents. All of our face to face debt collection agents carry a full case file of your debt so that when they arrive at your debtors premises they are fully equipped to deal with the matter in hand.

We believe that we are the most forward thinking debt collection agency in our sector. We are constantly evolving our systems and processes to increase collection rates and client satisfaction. As well as face to face debt collection we also offer standard debt collection services, outsourced credit control and debtor tracing.
Our team are driven on the results that we get. Our collection rate is usually about 96% which is one of the best in the industry. We believe that they key is common sense and great working relationships between all departments of the company. In 2018 we expanded our face to face debt collection service to cover the whole of England and Wales.

All of our clients receive an account manager who ensures that each debt has the maximum chance of being recovered. Your account manager is also there to answer any questions that you may have and guide you through what can be a stressful time. Your account manager will liaise with our face to face collections agents and other departments to ensure that everything runs smoothly whilst recovering your debt.

We take our responsibilities seriously, not recovering a debt may be a companies ticket to going into insolvency themselves. The debt owed may mean that our clients can't pay their own debts and are facing severe financial stress, all from something that isn't even their fault. We remember this every time we handle your case, we approach it with the same importance as you would but we are backed by our wealth of experience in face to face debt collection as well as standard debt collection services.
Most of our work is done on a no win no fee basis meaning that our service is completely risk free to our clients. We believe by operating on a no win no fee basis we are also more driven to collect outstanding debts for our clients. Most of our face to face debt collection is also done on a no win no fee basis apart from high value face to face debt collection cases where we may charge a small upfront fee to cover the substantial expenses in recovering these debts.

We are huge believers in common sense, we will never give you any jargon. We would prefer to tell you what's happening with your debt and how we are sorting it. We believe that this is one of the reasons that we have such high client retention rates.

Our clients are from a huge range of sectors, we cater from large PLC’s right through to small one man companies. The thing that stays the same whoever our client is, is the drive to recover their funds. Our relentless approach often sees even the hardest debts recovered for our clients, usually on a no win no fee basis.

When you have a debt that is causing you to lose sleep at night, you need Collectas in your corner. We don’t just send out a few letters and call it a day, we get stuck in and fight for your money back. In our view letters and calls alone do not work, you need someone to follow up and put much needed pressure on your debtor to pay. The perfect people to apply that pressure are our face to face debt collection agents.

There is one moment that we actually love in debt collection, and that's the moment when the funds are back in our clients bank account, we live for that moment! We can't wait for it to be you, get in touch today to get your debt recovered by the industry experts in face to face debt collections.

Passion, Professional, Relentless

What Makes Us Different

01. Face to face debt collection

Collectas are experts in face to face debt collection, our agents are fully trained, uniformed and professional. Our reputation has been built on strong successeses mainly through the use of face to face debt collections

02. No upfront costs

In most cases our clients do not pay any upfront costs, they just pay a percentage of the debt that we recover for them

03. Full Support

All of our clients receive full support from their account manager, any questions are answered in common sense and we don't try to confuse you with any jargon

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