Collectas work with veterinary practices across England and Wales to help them recover unpaid vet fees. Many vets approach us when they have provided emergency treatment for a client, and then when it comes to pay the client has no funds to pay. The problem is that your practice has already provided the services, and outlaid both your time and money to treat your clients pet. You can’t be at a loss for treating somebody’s pet, you need this money back and the easiest way to do this is by finding a debt collector.

Collectas have an industry reputation for being one of the top debt collection agencies when it comes to debt collection for vets. Our success rate is over 96% when it comes to veterinary debt collection. Our veterinary debt collection drastically improves the cash flow of our clients veterinary practices, and means that our clients can have a further step after the credit control stage rather than writing off bad debts.

Many of our clients used to use the county court to recover their debts before they started using Collectas, they found that this was confusing and took a long time to get any of their money back. Collectas offer a comprehensive debt recovery and collection service, our clients cases benefit from a wide range of services that we offer such as face to face debt collection, standard debt collection and court action where needed.

All veterinary debt collection cases are managed by Dan Lewis who has a comprehensive industry knowledge of collecting debts in the veterinary sector. Veterinary practices across England and Wales rely on Dan to ensure that the full power of Collectas is used to collect their debts and put the money back into their bank account.

Working alongside Dan is Mason Burns. Mason is part of the board of Directors but is also the Collections Manager at Collectas, alongside Dan they oversee all veterinary debt collection cases. Our clients can contact either of them at any time or log in to the online portal to see how their cases are getting on.

In our experience, bad debt is an extreme barrier for growth and sustainability of a veterinary surgery staying in business. Having Collectas as your debt collection partner means that business owners can rest assured that their debt is being collected in the quickest possible time. Collectas offer a truly professional approach, this combined with our specific industry experience makes Collectas unstoppable when it comes to debt collection for vets.

Collecting debts for our clients is at the centre of everything we do. Everyone within our company takes pride in the work that we do, each of them have the same passion in collecting your debt as they would chasing their own money. Collectas have a team of office based debt collectors and a nationwide team of face to face debt collection agents for debts where letters and calls just haven’t worked. Our face to face debt collection agents have a fantastic industry knowledge of collecting unpaid veterinary fees, this means that when an agent does have to visit your debtors home, most debts are paid in full on the first visit.

Collectas are industry experts in debt collection for vets, our services offer a quick turnaround for veterinary practices. Our strong negotiation means that vets can recover their debts without court action in most cases. Collectas work with a large number of vets across the UK, in our opinion Collectas are the best debt collection agency when it comes to debt collection for vets.

Collectas offer a no win no fee service, this means that until we have collected your debt you do not pay us a penny. In the unlikely situation that we cannot recover your debt then our service is completely free to you. So if you are a veterinary practice struggling with the burden of bad debt then speak to us today. Our service is completely risk free and will not cost you a penny until we have recovered your money.

Clients can easily instruct us online by clicking here.

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What Makes Us Different

01. Based in Leeds

We are debt collectors in Leeds, we love offering a top drawer service to local and national clients.

02. No upfront costs

Most of our work is on a no win no fee basis, you only pay a small percentage of the debt that we collect for you.

03. Full Support

All of our clients receive full support from their Leeds based account manager, any questions are answered in common sense and we don't try to confuse you with any jargon