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Outsourced Credit Control

Collectas offer a fully outsourced credit control facility for businesses ranging in size. The service is perfect for bigger businesses who are looking for an overflow facility at busy times as well as smaller businesses who do not have the time to chase invoices as well as keep on working.

Many small business owners find that chasing unpaid invoices takes up a huge proportion of their time and means that they don’t get as much current work done as they could otherwise of done. This means that the actual cost of chasing invoices is higher than you may think.

Collectas offer our clients the ease of having their invoices paid whilst they can continue running their business. As with most of our other services, outsourced credit control is charged on a tiny percentage of what we collect for you.

All of our staff working in the outsourced credit control department are well experienced in numerous industries, they are friendly yet firm and will get to know your business well meaning that they can adjust their approach meaning that you will get paid even quicker.

Outsourced credit control may also make your company look more sizeable than it actually is and make your clients have more respect for you. It is well known that businesses who are looking to save money will often look for easy suppliers not to pay, if you have a relentless and professional credit controller then you probably won't be that person.

Experienced credit controllers are easily able to spot accounts that may turn into a bad debt and focus more time on them, this means that outsourced credit control may also avoid bad debt as well as get you paid quicker