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Face to face debt collection

Collectas are industry experts in face to face debt collection, with a nationwide network of highly experienced debt collection agents. Our agents serve a wide range of clients ranging from private schools, builders, franchise companies and many more. Our face to face debt collection agents are supported by our team in the office at all times whilst in the field.

Our face to face debt collection agents are -

  • Equipped with body worn CCTV
  • Carry an IPad with your full case file
  • Wear full uniform
  • Carry chip and pin machines to take payments at your debtors premises
  • Are trained by our in house debt recovery team

It is well known that face to face contact increases collection rates, in turn meaning that our clients usually get paid quicker by using Collectas. Most of our debtors are registered in England or Wales, however our service can be carried out world wide. We are registered with the information commissioner's office and uphold the highest levels of data protection at all times.

Face to face debt collection is a fantastic method for debts where standard debt recovery methods have previously failed. Our agents uphold the highest standards at all times, all agents are employed by us meaning that they uphold our core company values.

We know that face to face works, our drive is to get our clients their money back as quickly as possible and face to face debt collection gets it done. 70% of face to face debt collection visits are paid in full on the first visit.

We believe that we are one of, if not the industry leaders in face to face debt collection. When starting with us our agents undergo a full training programme before shadowing experienced agents on real debt collection cases. Our agents are driven on collecting funds for our clients, we thing that this is one of the reasons that clients use us again and again.

We specialise in collecting debts where debt recovery agencies have failed previously. Once your case has been assigned to an agent, they will manage the case until it has been paid in full. This enables them to get a fantastic understanding of the case and deal with it efficiently.

Many of our clients tell us that they didn’t think their debt would be recovered, the results that our face to face debt collection agents get usually far surpass our clients expectations.

Our collections team is headed up by our collections manager, Mason Burns. This is further overseen by Collectas MD, Sam Bircumshaw. Sam has a reputation that spans worldwide, the drive and tenacity that Sam has when it comes to debt collection runs through the whole collections team.

We are proud that 94% of our clients say that they would have no hesitation in using Collectas again. To get your debt recovered by the industry experts, call Collectas today on 0330 043 0428 and speak to one of our team today.