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Does face to face debt collection actually work?

October 22, 2018

When we are speaking to clients about their debts we often recommend face to face debt collection as the quickest way of collecting their debt. Usually clients will ask us if it actually works, they think that their debtor will not pay no matter what. We are happy to say that in most of these cases they are wrong! face to face debt collection does work and gets results far quicker than debt collection letters etc.

We find that many of our clients have been sending letter after letter to their debtors address and that they have never had a reply, a face to face debt collection visit can quickly find if a debtor is still living or doing business at an address saving our clients many months of not been paid.

The whole ethos is to move a case forward on each visit, our debt collection agents are driven to recover a debt on their visit but where this isn't possible their attention turns to gathering as much information as possible, any forwarding address, assets etc all information is fed back to our systems to give your account manager the best possible information from the case.

98% of our clients said that they believe face to face debt collection got them their money back quicker than if they hadn't of used it. Collectas are industry leaders in face to face debt collection. Our agents all wear full uniform including HD Body worn CCTV, a full case file and chip and pin machines enabling fast payments. If you want to bring your debtor to the table then you need to use Collectas