Collectas are one of, if not the leading debt collectors in West Yorkshire. From our Leeds HQ we serve the whole of England and Wales, we are obviously well placed to provide a full debt recovery service to clients based in and around West Yorkshire.

When choosing a debt collector, many clients like working with a local debt collection agency and we love working with local clients! Our clients find that our debt collection services help them to drastically reduce their debtor days, we do this through a tried and tested process of letter and phone cycle debt recovery, face to face debt collection and County Court proceedings.

In West Yorkshire we employ a team of face to face debt collection agents who are on hand to serve our clients and recover their bad debt. Our face to face debt collection agents work from our Leeds office and attend debt collection cases around West Yorkshire, for debts further afield we have numerous teams of remote agents to ensure nationwide coverage for debt recovery visits at your debtors premises.

Often when your credit controller has been unable to recover a debt, a company will not have a further step and will write the debt off. We don’t believe that you should ever write a debt off, using a debt collection agency such as Collectas can make your debtor realise the gravity of the situation and pay the balance that is owed to you.

Each of our clients is assigned a Leeds based account manager who can guide you through the whole debt collection process from the time that you instruct us with your debt to the time that we collect the debt for you. Our account managers are seasoned in monitoring debt recovery cases and looking for the best results for our clients at all times. Our account managers are always on call to discuss your case and give you an update wherever needed.

Our face to face debt collection agents wear full uniform, are equipped with body worn CCTV and carry your full case file to your debtors premises. Our agents work closely with our West Yorkshire based office and have the full support of our office when they are with your debtor. Our team aim to get everything in place on the first visit to ensure that your case moves forward as quickly as possible, our first time collection rates are one of the best in the industry.

Because we as a company are based in West Yorkshire, we are able to provide an extremely quick turnaround on an initial visit to your debtors premises. This also means that we can ensure that payment plans stay on track easier and where they don’t, we always have agents on hand to visit your debtor and discuss the issue. We don’t just work in West Yorkshire though, our work runs through England and Wales but obviously with our base in West Yorkshire we have a stronger staff base in the West Yorkshire region.

Collectas have a huge client base across West Yorkshire and beyond, we like to think of ourselves as a local company with a national coverage. As a company we take a great amount of pride in the results that we achieve, this is also reflected in our staff and the drive they have when working to recover our clients debts.

Our team are respected across the industry for the results that they achieve, we are very experienced in collecting debts where other debt collection agencies have failed. Most of our work is done on a no win no fee basis where possible, meaning that our clients just pay us a percentage when we collect their debt.

Collectas are proud to be based in West Yorkshire, we are proud to give back to our local community wherever possible and we believe that the strong northern workforce that we employ are one of the main factors in our success as a company.

Recovering bad debts for our clients is at the heart of what we do, we are proud of the financial benefit that our clients receive from using our service. Cash is the lifeblood of a business and we take the fact that our service supports our clients businesses very seriously.

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Passion, Professional, Relentless

What Makes Us Different

01. Based in Leeds

We are debt collectors in Leeds, we love offering a top drawer service to local and national clients.

02. No upfront costs

Most of our work is on a no win no fee basis, you only pay a small percentage of the debt that we collect for you.

03. Full Support

All of our clients receive full support from their Leeds based account manager, any questions are answered in common sense and we don't try to confuse you with any jargon