Collectas are huge believers that face to face contact dramatically increases collection rates. Debt Collection Agencies use many forms of communication to collect debts, the most common of which are phone calls, letters and emails. We find that these contact methods aren't as effective as they once used to be and as such businesses don't recover as many debts as they would like to.

When a debtor does not respond to our communications, it's time to meet them in person to discuss the matter. Once one of our agents is stood on your debtors doorstep, you will find that payment is far more forthcoming than previously.

Our face to face debt collection agents wear full uniform including HD body worn CCTV, they also carry an IPad meaning that they can see the full details of your case with ease. They also carry fully mobile Chip and Pin machines so that they can take payment in the field. All of our face to face debt collection agents undergo a comprehensive in-house training programme which includes basic but important things such as body language and strong communication skills as well as more fundamental things such as how to comply with industry related laws whilst maximising collection rates.

Face to face contact on its own is fairly effective, however we believe that face to face contact coupled with our tenacious back office support is what makes our face to face debt collection services one of the most effective in the industry. Each of our face to face debt collection agents has full back office support as much as they need it, this means that as many cases as possible are resolved on the first visit.

Face to face interaction from one of our agents is in most cases the first time that a debtor has seen someone in the flesh about their debt. This method adds a whole new level of importance to the matter for a debtor as well as adding a personal touch, setting it apart from generic letters and calls that your debtor will of received many of.

There has recently been a huge amount of coverage on social media about face to face debt collection. Businesses are beginning to recognise the importance of face to face contact in debt recovery. However, it is only an effective method if executed properly. Collectas pioneer face to face debt collection and we have invested heavily in our systems and agents to ensure a seamless debt recovery process and high collection rates.

At Collectas we really care about building long standing business relationships with our clients. We do this by offering amazing customer service coupled with an unbeatable collection rate. Each of our clients is assigned an account manager who is on hand at all times to answer any questions that you may have and to guide you through what can sometimes be a confusing situation. Our account managers are specially trained to give help and advice to our clients without any Jargon.

If your business needs its debts recovering then you cant afford to ignore face to face communication as a debt collection method.

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What Makes Us Different

01. Doorstep Debt Collection Experts

We are experts in doorstep debt collection, our doorstep debt collection agents are the best in the business and achieve industry leading results

02. No upfront costs

Most of our work is on a no win no fee basis, you only pay a small percentage of the debt that we collect for you.

03. Full Support

All of our clients receive full support from their Leeds based account manager, any questions are answered in common sense and we don't try to confuse you with any jargon