R -V- A Large Construction Company

Value - £187,376.98

In this case our client was a reputable roofing company who had performed a large amount of work for the debtor company, the work had spanned over a year and whilst some payments had been received there was still a large unpaid balance accumulating. ​When the client approached us their business was facing possible insolvency mainly due to this unpaid balance.

The client required prompt action and results, this was their main reason for instructing Collectas to recover this debt. The first stage was to gather all the unpaid invoices and to start constructing our case file, we added late payment compensation for each invoice and also ran interest at 8% plus base rate. ​We then contacted the debtor and negotiated with them with a view to payment in full. By the end of the first day of negotiations the directors had agreed to sign a personal guarantee in exchange for a short grace period in which they could try to gather the funds to pay. Our Solicitors swiftly drafted a personal guarantee and this was signed by all parties shortly after. We then gave the directors 7 days to pay as promised.​

On the 4th day we contacted the debtor company with a courtesy call just to check that everything was moving in the right direction, this is when they told us that they needed more time, they asked for 6 months. This was not acceptable to us and we then negotiated again but on the same terms, we helped the debtor company where we could and subsequently on the 7th day the debt was paid in full. ​

This case was a fantastic example of how good negotiation and persistence can achieve fantastic results. As a direct result of our work our clients company is now trading well again and faces a good financial future

C -V- A Road Traffic Accident Claim Introduction Company

Value - £21,142.52

In this case our client was a Claims Management Company, they work with introducers to provide them with cases in exchange for an upfront commission. If the claim is unsuccessful then our client is entitled to a refund or replacement claim, in this case neither were provided for numerous claims and the above debt occurred. ​

Once the debt was passed to Collectas it was passed over to one of our face to face debt collection teams who swiftly visited the premises. They were immediately met with hostility and threats to their personal safety, the agents used their training to calm the situation down and engage into negotiation. ​

After 4 hours of negotiation and working with the debtor to resolve the situation this debt was paid in full, since then both Collectas and our client have received numerous emails from the debtor apologising profusely for their behaviour and thanking us for our professional service. ​

This case was a good example of persistence where our agents didn't stop where other debt recovery agencies may of done, and by not retreating from the situation we were able to recover the money in full for our client

J -V- A Residential Care Company

Value - £11,254.25

Our client was a well respected Firm of Solicitors who had provided numerous legal services for their client on account, previous invoices had been paid but this invoice hadn't been settled. Our client had chased this debt through their standard Credit Control procedures, and had been told on numerous occasions that they were on a payment run for the following Friday, this never happened.​

Once Collectas were instructed we emailed our standard letter to the debtor informing them that we had now taken over the case and we also called them later that day. On the phone our collections agent was again told that they were on a payment run and that payment would be 1/2 weeks, we refused to accept this and negotiated further with the debtors. ​

After a lengthy period of negotiation on the phone and subsequent emails through the day, this debt was paid on the same day as we were instructed. Our clients were more than happy with our result and now use Collectas as their preferred Debt Collection Agency. ​

The money was remitted to the client the following day and re-injected into their cash flow

P -V- A Leading National Building Contractor

Value - £8,254.36

Our client was a drylining company who had done works for the debtor company at a well known national retail chain. The debtor company was a large construction company with a turnover of Circa £800m. They ignored numerous requests from our clients for payment and this had caused them a large amount of financial stress. ​

Once instructed Collectas performed a face to face debt collection visit and after a conversation with the person responsible for the payments, our agents were assured that payment would be made the next day. The following day we received numerous emails from the debtor company stating that they had a dispute with the services provided, we deemed that these were not genuine disputes and that they were just an attempt to further delay payment.

The following day we engaged in negotiation again and were told that this would be paid in 2/3 weeks as the payment would need to go through the Banks internal verification processes. Again we did not deem that this was a goodwill dispute and refused to accept this. ​After a day of strong negotiation the debtor company found a way to pay this debt the same day and the matter was closed.

This was a great example of how large companies can try to bully small contractors but in fact have the ability to pay whenever they wish. A fantastic result and collaboration between our face to face and office based collections agents.

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What Makes Us Different

01. Face to face debt collection

Collectas are experts in face to face debt collection, our agents are fully trained, uniformed and professional. Our reputation has been built on strong successeses mainly through the use of face to face debt collections

02. No upfront costs

In most cases our clients do not pay any upfront costs, they just pay a percentage of the debt that we recover for them

03. Full Support

All of our clients receive full support from their account manager, any questions are answered in common sense and we don't try to confuse you with any jargon